C 4 youth research required - can you help?

I'm doing some work for C 4 which involves researching the habits of 14-19 yr olds, who'd be described as Goths, Geeks and/or Emos.

For each of those "tribes" - and for each region of the UK - I need to know:

Where do they buy stuff? - what small independent shops would they go to to buy clothes, and specifically accessories like badges...

If you could help, I'd be grateful.

The project is for an Internet consultancy I work for - other people involved include Neil, Toby and Rupert. In fact it's close to being the Stepney Lads in business if that means anything to any lrpers or ex-lrpers... We know people don't really describe themselves as Goths, Geeks or Emos, or fit to a single stereotype, but it's a useful shorthand for the kind of person we mean...

Request for support..

I got an email today....

"Email to all members.

The list of nominees is out for The National Television Awards held on 31st October 2007. You can vote for:

Best Drama
Robin Hood

Best Actor
Jonas Armstrong

Best Actress
Lucy Griffiths

Vote at Voting closes 3rd August 2007

Lets all get voting!

Robin Hood 2006"

I got it because I signed up to their boards to give my thoughts on the new Robin Hood series.

I suspect they hadn't read any of my posts before sending me this.

And now I'm off to exercise my democratic right...


I have a potential web development job through someone we've worked with before.

It's for a very ethically sound initiative, part-funded, I believe, by the Mayor of London's office.

However, they have mandated a London-based designer. Norwich Luvvies would do the technomancy, I simply need someone who can produce photoshop mockups of web designs or at the top end a design, html and css guru.

Do I know someone like that, I wondered to myself...

So I asked Livejournal.

Help me Intraweb, you're my only hope...

On the 21st of July I am intending to go to the field of Agincourt and loose arrows at Frenchmen.


None of my bows are in any way suitable, being either red plastic, or historically accurate but off by 200 years and a continent or two.

Does anyone have a reenactor-grade longbow suitable for the period I could borrow?

LRP poundage is fine.

Best care will be taken - replacement in event of damage etc. etc.